2013-2014 Winter Indoor Lacrosse

 This season we will work to expand our Winter Indoor Lacrosse League to include


Youth Boys on Saturdays

High School Girls on  Sundays

High School Boys on Thursdays


Due to the high demand to play Winter Indoor Lacrosse at the best Indoor  Lacrosse facility in the area. You need to reserve your spot early.

If you have an interest in bringing a team in to play in our league please go contact us at gwinnettlacrosse@gmail.com


HS Boys Registration Information


HS Girls Registration Information


Youth Boys on a Team Roster


 If you would like to play but are not on a team got to


Youth Boys Individual Players Registration Information



Winter Indoor Lacrosse is in high demand but our field availability is limited. We want to accomodate as many players as possible so this winter games will be two 20 minute halves with a running clock the same as in past seasons however the halftime will be 2 minutes with one 30 second time out per team per half.

Games will start on time and will be run every 45 minutes. If you think you will have a problem getting to the field on time please do not register. We will be moving things a lot faster than we have in the past.

The first game on Saturday could start as early as 8:45 AM.


Gwinnett Lacrosse Academy


Where to Find Us

Gwinnett Lacrosse LLC


1000 Peachtree Industrial Blvd

Suite 6406

Suwanee GA 30024